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Posted in literature & film with tags , , , , on May 25, 2012 by kaffeemitschlag

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The blog has conspicuously been on hiatus for a number of months thanks to the logistical difficulties of um, not having a computer.

But I’m back.

This time around, I decided to delve into the cultural realms of literature & film for a short list of some of the most recognizable narrative examples of a character’s descent into madness. Why a list, you ask?

I’ll tell you.

1.) When taking on a subject as ambiguous and malleable as narrative themes, an informal list seems the best choice. It’s not as definitive, but it strives to be an objective appraisal of the subjective.

2.) Lists welcome dialogue in a way that a purely informative graphic doesn’t; I’m hoping visitors will read this and want to discuss, comment, debate, and most importantly, well… that’s part of the next point.

3.) Informal lists like this one are meant to be expanded. This is a very short list of a very common narrative theme (I conspicuously went with the most culturally recognizable ones), so you’d better feel the need to mention the ones you feel should make the more expansive list of which this is obviously a small selection.

4.) This is the internet. The internet loves lists. This is a list.

COMING SOON: I’ll be tracking my progress with a much larger, much more physical infographic map of the city of Atlanta actually commissioned by the city through the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine project!