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what’s new, buenos aires?

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Argentina matters. Learn about it below.

And check out the music videos & quote after the jump!

(Click the image for a larger and more legible resolution with zoom. Or GET GLASSES.)


Couldn’t help but run across some great music researching for the cultural section of this infographic…

This 1985 hit from Soda Stereo is a little Talking Heads, a little Kajagoogoo; plus, my limited Spanish seems enough to comprehend its themes of boredom, an unfulfilled relationship, and also something about video porn. You will have this song in your head for the rest of the day.

And watch No Lo Soporto’s tribute to the most significant air-travel-themed Twilight Zone story of all. But it was all a dream… OR WAS IT? (Yes & no.) The English safety announcement for ‘Avi NLS’ should be adopted by other airlines.

Not to mention this perfect quote from Jorge Luis Borges about that 1982 conflict between Argentina and the UK over useless (except to puffins) real estate: “The Falklands thing was a fight between two bald men over a comb.” Good one, JLB.


essential information, minimalist presentation

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My name’s Geoff, I live in Atlanta, I eat a lot of Mexican food, and I really like information.

Not just any information, mind you. Specifically, there’s little else more fulfilling to me than learning something, anything, more illuminating about my environment, whether physical, temporal, cultural, or psychological. And given the amount of relatively useless information there is out there from TMZ to the ivory tower of academia, it makes knowing more about what actually affects you and your surroundings that much more important.

After all, we can only understand things much bigger than ourselves if we understand ourselves in context.

I plan on using this blog to present essential information about the world, be it scientific, geographical, cultural, historical, anything we can use to adjust our own context of the world, in a simplistic manner worthy only of that minimalist illustrator Microsoft Paint. I hope ya like it.