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time to explore

Posted in atlanta, exploration, photography on April 24, 2016 by kaffeemitschlag

Five years ago, I hoped to engorge this blog with infographics on every possible subject about which I was currently obsessed. It worked for a time: I was tired of my fellow Atlantans pointing at the skyscrapers that defined their horizon, so I made a graphic; I moved into a home rife with household spiders, so I made a graphic; I realized I had been to DragonCon for ten years running, so I made a graphic. I also delved into a short foray of the creation and life of an art installation for an Art on the Atlanta BeltLine project, and I featured it here (hopefully, if my proposal is accepted, I’ll be doing the same this year!!).

But no updates in almost two years. My life has been full of work and moving and projects and everything that bogs down everyone who thinks it’s a good idea to start a blog but realizes that life has different plans, and I thought, “why not turn my life into the blog itself?” and it seems, well, logical. So I’ve decided to incorporate a huge part of my life into this blog to get it up and running again (and still dedicated to learning and, especially, exploring). I hike somewhere different every week, and I document the journeys primarily for myself and anyone who follows me on facebook, but hey, who not share these adventures with the world? For my fellow Atlantans, I hope it will encourage exploration of the hidden treasures of the city and its surrounding towns, mountains, forests, and more; for those of you outside of my surrounding area, I hope it will still incite exploration into those places you call home. Not to say I won’t delve back into infographics as soon as I can, but for now, a first installment of Time to Explore: a ten-mile journey around my very own neighborhood taken two weeks ago. There will be a lot more.