essential information, minimalist presentation


My name’s Geoff, I live in Atlanta, I eat a lot of Mexican food, and I really like information.

Not just any information, mind you. Specifically, there’s little else more fulfilling to me than learning something, anything, more illuminating about my environment, whether physical, temporal, cultural, or psychological. And given the amount of relatively useless information there is out there from TMZ to the ivory tower of academia, it makes knowing more about what actually affects you and your surroundings that much more important.

After all, we can only understand things much bigger than ourselves if we understand ourselves in context.

I plan on using this blog to present essential information about the world, be it scientific, geographical, cultural, historical, anything we can use to adjust our own context of the world, in a simplistic manner worthy only of that minimalist illustrator Microsoft Paint. I hope ya like it.


3 Responses to “essential information, minimalist presentation”

  1. gloria palmer Says:

    looking forward to it. I like info also.

  2. Christian Says:

    I would like to be the first to nominate Idaho for an infographic. It has a cool shape, it is quirky, and everyone thinks it is in the mid-west (wtf?) It is up to you to entertain, inform, and drop some knowledge on behalf Idaho.

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