a trek back… in time!

Continuing on my exploration kick, I’ve decided to delve back to the very first hike I ever documented with both tracking software and photography. I’d been wandering around in disjointed and circuitous routes and snapping photos at whim for quite some time, but it wasn’t until I was the last American to jump into the smartphone pool in July 2014 that I was able to track my path and mileage. This was the first of those: a huge 23-mile loop cutting through the Atlanta University Center, Vine City, English Avenue, the semi-industrial and aptly-named Blandtown, Underwood Hills, the incredibly diverse monuments and spectacular views of Crest Lawn Cemetery, Loring Heights, Atlantic Station, Home Park, the Georgia Tech campus, and skirting along the edge of downtown before reaching back home, which, at the time, was at the convergence of Castleberry Hill, Adair Park, Pittsburgh, & Mechanicsville. Especially important hiker’s note: Laredo Nuevo Cantina is delicious, but never consume giant burritos & margaritas in the middle of a summer hike. I will never forget.


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